The Engineers Did It #1

The Engineers Did It #1

“Who’s cooking tonight? You, Jenny?”

“Sure, if someone else draws Enjuhneer.”

The stir fry was delicious, at least.

(Thanks, Radylan, for shooping my past comics into this Frankenstrip so I could cook you delicious food.)

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Discussion (6)¬

  1. featherbrain says:

    Not comic sans D:! But I forgive you. ONCE.

  2. Radylan says:

    I will mangle your comic in exchange for delicious noms any day!

  3. Domo says:

    wonder if anyone will notice that you just took Julian and changed his hair color, I assume they will since people who read web comics generally have eyes.

  4. MrGBH says:

    Wait, has Enjuhneer had over 9000 posts yet? And how would we be able to tell?

  5. featherbrain says:

    That’s Julian? Wow his hair is different.

  6. Student says:

    That’s not Julian. Radylan just colorshifted pictures of Julian to make a PWN frat guy.