The Engineers Did It #11

The Engineers Did It #11

Today’s TEDI is brought to you by Wash, a senior GSAS who is building a multitouch table for tabletop RPGs. It is a glorious toy and I want seventeen of them.

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  1. Croaxleigh says:

    Oooh… multitouch table. 😀

    I built a multitouch box thingie one time as a practice piece, and eventually want to do a table when I get the time/money/room for it. Oddly enough, I also considered the tabletop RPG benefits of it. 😉

  2. Lord Al-Briaca says:

    Please! Release the blueprints!

  3. Furis Lupus says:

    Heck! Forget the blueprints! I want a fully functional model PLEASE!!!!!!!

  4. Spike the Dragon Knight says:

    Spike WANT!!!