The Tungsten Wire

The Tungsten Wire

So the Filament festival was all over EMPAC this past weekend (the one at RPI, not the one at EIT — that’d be weird) and it owned a lot of face. Fantastic performances, great receptions, a sweet panda-attracting dance party, and even an awesome new tote bag for all my day-glow-green needs. I’m really inspired to make more art now.

… Like a giant pastel sketch of a panda and Tails sitting on top of a barn watching the sunset, with our favorite auto cannon off to the side. Okay, so inspiration hits us all differently.

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  1. Renold says:

    There is definitely an art to playing RCT:

    See? Absolutely beautiful.

  2. MurphysLaw says:

    I just noticed that Kali very much reminds me of a girl I am studiing with. Today was the first day for the freshmen students and she showed up, wearing one bright blue contact lense to creep them out.

  3. L says:

    There is some guy at my school who picks random days to come to school in a full panda suit, and I can’t figure out who it is. Really.

  4. Radylan says:

    Definitely the best part of the game… well, it was that or seeing how far I can launch a coaster full of passengers. My one serious complaint with the game was that if you crashed a coaster into a path full of pedestrians, they somehow escape the carnage unharmed.