Thing This Weekend

Thing This Weekend

So at this point it’s pretty much too late to join in on any of the games (LARPs are a time commitment you really have to sign up for in advance), but I’ll be running a Weekend of Minigames this weekend at RPI! I’ve been a little busy putting together the last minute details, so there isn’t much for a comic today… but you’ll hear all about the weekend on Monday, and Myra’s story resumes on Wednesday!

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Batman says:

    It’s brave that you are doing this with the dice bubble killer still on the loose.

  2. the REAL batman says:

    Don’t worry about the bubble killer. I killed him.

  3. The FAKE batman says:

    So that explains the hole in my snow-globe…

  4. Santa Clause says:

    Was a fantastic weekend. Thank you Jenny, you go on the nice list!