Penny West is a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed student at the Enjuhneer Institute of Technology. She’s crazy enough to go to an engineering school for an art degree. She serves as a set of insider eyes in the vast subculture known as geekdom. Penny is slowly realizing that she isn’t alone, that other people have the same interests and tendencies as she does, and that it’s totally hip to be a square.

Lyta Gerard, short for Hippolyta, is Penny’s roommate, and is undeclared regarding major. She is Penny’s first real nerdy experience at EIT, as they chanted Maxwell’s equations in unison. Lyta is a little skittish regarding her geekdom, and she’s trying to maintain and assert her feminine presence in the male-dominated school environment. She’s a rather hardcore feminist, but according to her, she’s “not militant” about it. We’ll see how that turns out.

WiredWolf42 is a girl (yes, she’s a girl) that lives down the hall from Penny and Lyta. She’s a Computer Systems Engineer and has seemingly abandoned all things feminine in her quest to learn the ways of the internet. WiredWolf has become so addicted to the internet that she’s even forgotten her given name and goes solely by her screenname. She is repulsed by human contact and emotions, favoring blogs over hugs.

Eirian Merledoux is a sweet, innocent, active Environmental Engineer. She’s very tall and exotically beautiful, but doesn’t seem to quite realize it. In fact, she doesn’t notice at all that nearly every male in her presence goes gaga over her. She’s more concerned with sustainability, recycling, and saving the environment. Eirian is as altruistic as she is oblivious to male advances.

Myra Madison is a booksmart, somewhat naive, and very emotionally expressive Chemistry major. She’s… a little slow on the uptake. Once her mind is done processing her heavy workload and deciding what to stress about next, she’ll think back a few weeks and finally get that joke you told her. She’s not dumb — she’s just terrified and absent-minded.

Kali Allaway is invisible for many reasons. She’s an invisible roommate. ::rimshot:: She represents girls in gaming and comp-sci, as you don’t see them very often. ::another rimshot:: She represents the generally slanted ratio of women to men at tech schools, and she’s a prime example of how there are clearly no girls on the internet. Kali herself is a bouncy, cocky little merry trickster, and she’ll do anything to be noticed for her merit and not for her invisibility.

Renold Sharma is an ARMY major (AeRo-MechY) that plays video games, watches anime, and makes snarky comments. He eventually wants to launch things into space. For now, he spends a good chunk of his life in the bowels of the internet or on XBox Live pwning n00bs. Despite appearing like he’s not paying attention, he tends to be full of surprising insights. He also enjoys generally being a dick.

Julian Drake is Penny’s boyfriend and overall sweetheart. He’s a Zen Computer Science major who just seems to know how to fix almost anything computer-related. Julian thoroughly enjoys LARPing, white-hat hacking, and German board games. He is a low-maintenance guy and goes with the flow. He also moonlights as Nachthaschen, the Night Bunny.

Nash Pascal-Paul is a Math major who likes miniatures games, puzzles, codebreaking, philosophy, and being a hopeless romantic. He’s incredibly bright, even for EIT. You know he’s one of those guys who’ll do better with his life than selling hot dogs on the steps of the Smithsonian.

Tails is EIT’s iconic squirrel. Telling more would be spoilers.